Tees Valley Business Summit full of positive people


Graham writes……today (4th July 2013) was sunny day in Middlesbrough and the Tees Valley Business Summit was a tremendous success! Not only did Recognition PR promote the event to the media but we also exhibited; so I can speak with the experience of being part of the event team and one of the customers!


The event was attended by nearly 500 business representatives and combined an exhibition of successful local businesses with breakout sessions to discuss Tees Valley business opportunities, access to finance and the new Tees Valley contract catalyst fund.


The team from Recognition achieved terrific media and twitter coverage for the event and the team from Tees Valley Unlimited and BENE delivered a high calibre event that brought businesses in the area together.


I noticed a distinct air of optimism and enterprise among the visitors. People were smiling and enthusiastic and – on our stand at least – great new business leads were obtained. The event took place at Teesside University and its Vice-Chancellor took the opportunity to tell his guests how well the University is performing and highlighted its impressive future investment programme.


All in all a worthwhile use of my time today!


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