Growth vouchers offer reduced price PR advice

Recognition has been accredited to the Growth Vouchers scheme - offering new clients incentives supported by HM Government


Graham writes..... I’m pleased to be able to endorse the UK Government’s Growth Vouchers scheme. It supports advice for businesses with fewer than 250 staff and a turnover of less than £40 million. Up to £2000 match funding is available to finance strategic advice in the areas of: Finance, recruitment, staff development, leadership development and marketing.


To apply for vouchers visit Once you have a voucher and taken delivery of the advice you can claim by either paying the provider and claiming back the 50% of the cost (up to the £2000 limit) or paying the provider 50% and giving the provider your voucher for the 50% that remains. Recognition PR has just signed up to be a provider for marketing advice.


Recognition has also started offering a new product for new clients, a ‘Fixed Term, Fixed Fee’ arrangement that gives advice for three months for a fee of £1250 plus VAT (we also throw in a free short web video). Combined with the voucher, smaller firms will be able to access Recognition’s support and advice for only £625 plus VAT.

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Growth vouchers offer reduced price PR advice