New Chairman of the IoD North East Region, takes the reins

New IoD North East Chairman at the helm


Graham writes……..


April 1st 2014 is the day I take over the reins of the Chairmanship of the IoD in the North East, following a period of steady and sure leadership by one of the most respected people in the regional business community, Alastair Thomson. He is a tough act to follow but I will do my best.

It is an exciting time to become Chairman of the IoD in the North East. The economy is thriving on a combination of deficit reduction, targeted business tax cuts but – most important of all – a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship from enthusiastic business directors who want to promote their products, services and customers in a rising market.

I have served on various IoD committees for nearly ten years and I hope to get thoroughly involved in the business of speaking up for local directors in a region that has often been dominated by public sector jobs and larger international firms. In fact, I see growing the number of our own indigenous business base as one of the great challenges for our region. We have exactly half the number of businesses per 10,000 of population as London (633 compared to 1266) and I think we should do everything in our power to encourage new businesses to be established here.

In the years ahead I particularly want to welcome younger directors into the IoD, there are hundreds of younger people who have established a business in the downturn and are now steering their venture to success as the recovery has started to take hold. These people will very much appreciate the advice and fellowship that can come from an organisation of members who have all had their own experience of the ups and downs of business life.

I am thrilled to be taking up this role and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that it will bring!

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New Chairman of the IoD North East Region, takes the reins