Party Conference

Senior Partner Graham Robb attended the Conservative Party Conference and spoke on BBC Radio Five Live


Graham writes.....all clients and contacts of Recognition know I'm a Conservative. Many of our clients are not and I thrive on debate with them which helps me to understand their business and attitudes.

Being involved in politics - of whatever party - gives you a detailed view of how our country works. What leads to decisions being made and how the media zeitgiest affects the outcome of projects is an important aspect to planning PR initiatives.

Politics is thrilling, interesting and exciting. I was once on the frontline - as a Party candidate for election - now I just take an interest as an experienced volunteer.

My firm does not provide a lobby service. But sometimes we invite politicians of all parties to photocalls on areas of interest and we encourage our clients to talk to their local politicians directly.

Many firms are neutral - as a business we are. But as an individual I'm not afraid to take a position. You can hear how I felt after the Prime Minister's speech in the attached clip.

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Party Conference