What's the Future of Britain's High Streets? | Northern Business Podcast #124


Welcome to the Northern Business Podcast.

Each week we will be talking to people active in business and the economy about the big issues driving growth in the North of England.

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Our host is Graham Robb, owner of Recognition PR. Recognition helps scores of businesses promote their products and services; some are featured on this podcast.

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In the studio today we have Graham Soult, retail expert and chair of Durham Business Group and founder of Canny Insights.

Later in the programme, Joss Havakin will be speaking with entrepreneur Mike Racz and Karl Pemberton, Managing Director at Active Chartered Financial Planners, about their aid mission to Ukraine.

You can support the "Driving Change: Mission to Aid Ukraine" cause here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/xqcnp3-ukraine-christmas-appeal

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