Graham's latest column for The Journal


This one looks at the business risks of a Labour government based on Labour's published policies

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Boris Johnson's first week


As Boris Johnson completes his first week in power Graham Robb uses his column in the Journal to reflect on a car journey with him four months ago during which many of the elements of Johnson's dynamic approach became clear....

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HS2: Time for the axe


Graham's column from the Journal 20 June 2019

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Post Brexit vote in Commons - pre-confidence vote


What a difficult newspaper column to is for the morning after the Confidence vote in the Government two days after the big Brexit vote loss by Mrs May.

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Visit reveals potential for trade with US


Read about my USA visit in Sep 2018

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Graham's latest column for The Journal


On how Government can use its power to regulate for the people.....

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I'm Backing Darlington


Article from Graham Robb, organiser and chairman of the ‘I’m Backing Darlington’ event and senior Partner, Recognition PR.

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The New North East


This Graham Robb's June column in The Journal

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Have we passed peak Twitter?


In his monthly blog Graham considers if the influence of social media, although not necessarily its popularity, is waning.

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Traffic and productivity


This is Graham's column in the Journal from April 2018

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Journal column March 2018


Brexit is at the heart of many business discussions, Graham advances the view that it is time to get on with it and stay out of the customs union.

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Great Exhibition will shine publicity spotlight on North East this summer


Graham Robb looks at the biggest event in England in 2018 and how it will reflect well on the North east

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Christmas blog


Graham looks at the world of politics and economic at the end of 2017

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Graham's latest column for The Journal


In this column Graham discusses the young people's knowledge of business and the need to maintain tax incentives for entrepreneurs

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Graham Robb's Journal Column - September 2017


Graham Robb discusses the ethics of business and politics following issues faced by the PR industry following the issues at Bell Pottinger.

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Bell Pottinger fallout - staff should look North.


Bell Pottinger staff have nothing to fear if they look to relocate North.

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The North East - one region, two systems


Graham discusses the Tees Valley devolution deal 100 days on.

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My take on the Conservative campaign


After years involved in planning and implementing campaigns, Graham Robb, Senior Partner Recognition PR, gives us view on the Conservative campaign 2017

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Graham's column in the Journal May 2017


With the election underway Graham discusses the important business issue of Corporation Tax

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My take on the election announcement for the NE


It will come as no surprise that Graham Robb is with Mrs May in this election, here is why......

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A day at Recognition PR


Yarm School student Sam Tilley discusses his day of work experience.

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Marvellous March at Recognition


March has been a dynamic month full of activity at Recognition PR

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Graham Robb's January column for The Journal


Graham Robb writes about his recent trip to South Africa and the role the country could play in the UK's post-Brexit economy.

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Graham's latest column for The Journal


Graham Robb writes about the North East economy at the end of 2016

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Entrepreneur's Forum scale-up speech


Abridged text of a speech Graham Robb, gave to the Entrepreneurs' Forum conference 'Fortune Favours the Brave' on November 17th 2016

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Journal Column


Graham's regular column for The Journal

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North East Devolution


Following the news that the North East devo deal has been pulled Graham Robb gives a personal view of the progress on this date (Sep 12 2016)

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Graham Robb's speech at the Yorkshire & North East IoD Director of the Year Awards


Graham Robb, North East Chairman of the Institute of Directors 30 June 2016

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The new Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme


A speech given at the Northern Powerhouse conference in Leeds on June 17 2016

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Journal comment May 2016


The regular column fro Graham Robb in The Journal

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Houston Offshore Technology Conference


Jamie Collis, Partner leading Recognition's business team has just returned from USA

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San Francisco economy


Graham writes.....My Easter visi tto San Francisco was fascinating and showed me the new economy at source

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North East business leaders react to the 2016 budget


Graham Robb writes........welcome to our blog page on budget day!

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Graham's speech at IoD Annual NE dinner 2016


Recognition PR Senior Partner, Graham Robb, has completed the second year of his term as Chair of the IoD in the North East. This is his speech to the annual NE IoD dinner.

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Fraud - the crime that punishes small business


In the week in which the Prime Minister says he wants reform of how the prison system works, Graham tells how Recognition was a victim of fraud and how fraudsters escape jail.

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Comments on Pyjamas


In his capacity as Chair of NE Institute of Directors, Graham defends the headteacher who was tough on parents in pyjamas

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My Comments on Lady Brady


Lady Brady wrote a nasty column featuring Duncan Bannatyne in The Sun, my response here

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End of year assignments provide great start to 2016


Looking forward to a positive New Year

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Big client on a big show!


Graham Robb writes about why Duncan Bannatyne has taken a journey into the jungle!

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Guest blog - Colin Fyfe of Darlington Building Society on the success of mutuals


A look at the success of mutual building societies and how Darlington Building Society is planning for the future

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Journal Column


Graham's regular column for The Journal

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The changing face of communication


This week’s warning from the North East Ambulance Service highlights the changing way in which many people communicate.

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Arts & culture - a spur for the NE economy


In his latest column for the Journal, Graham Robb, Recognition Senior Partner, looks at how Arts & Culture bids can help boost our economy

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Journal column July 14 2015


Graham Robb's regular column in the Newcastle Journal

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Amelia Barron work experience blog post


Amelia Barron has spent the week with the team at Recognition to gain some valuable work experience.

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Northern Powerhouse & devolution: a personal view


Graham Robb, Senior Partner of recognition PR, gives an explanation of how he thinks Mayors could work in the North East

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Dynamo 15 - a great conference with great speakers


Graham Robb, Senior Partner, Recognition PR, talks about how the Dynamo conference 2015 and the CEO of Sage plc, made an impression on him (pic Stephen Kelly & Charlie Hoult)

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Periscope - the next big thing pops up?


Graham discusses the early impact of Periscope

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Media trips promoting tourist attractions


Recognition PR Consultant, Marie Carter, explains how media facility trips can promote attractions

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New starters at Recognition


We continue to invest in new is news about our latest appointments

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Election opinion


On April 7th Senior Partner, Graham Robb, gives a view on the early stages of the election campaign

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Radio 4 covers the North East


Senior Partner Graham Robb appeared on Radio 4's flagship Today programme

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My first year as IoD North East Chair


Its been a fascinating first year for Graham Robb. He became Chairman of the Instutite of Directors in the North East last April and looked back on his first year in his speech at its annual dinner in February.

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Marie Writes....


Marie Carter is an experienced Senior Consultant at Recognition. Here, she tells us about her Saturday on the high seas taking part in a media trip with a difference.

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New year column from the Journal


This is my first column of 2015 for The Journal. It deals with what I see as the need for the mainstrem parties to win back support in order to have stronger effective Government.

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Growth vouchers offer reduced price PR advice


Recognition has been accredited to the Growth Vouchers scheme - offering new clients incentives supported by HM Government

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New Year sees people making business plans. Recognition supports small businesses with some free sessions & also offers a new package for first time users.

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Recognition Senior Partner in Downing Street


Graham Robb, Recognition PR Senior Partner, was part of an Institute of Directors delegation which visited Downing Street to talk to Government about policy towards business.

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Graham's latest Journal Column


The North East region should be looked upon as a place full of opportunity for national chains and inward investors; far from staying away, there are customers with money who are willing to be wooed!

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Graham's latest Journal column


In his latest column in the Journal, Graham highlights the growth opportunities that exist in the Nortth East and the positive messages being delivered by a delegation from the region at property exhibition, MIPIM UK.

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Paul writes...


Paul White, one of Recognition's most experienced consultants, has paid a visit to Japan. Here he discusses how media and business in the land of the rising sun compares to business life in the UK

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Graham writes.............


A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everybody

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Guest blogger...Nigel Mills


As we move into the second half of the year, the growth we have seen in the economy so far in 2014 gives hope for North East businesses. Yes, there are still challenges ahead and areas of uncertainty – such as the potential for an earlier-than-expected interest rate rise – but entrepreneurs in the region are upbeat. If ever there was a time to lay to rest the ludicrous suggestion that the North East is the UK’s Detroit, it is now, and a survey of entrepreneurs shows exactly why.

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Guest blogger...David Cliff


The 2014 Small Business Review, published by the Centre for Cities, makes interesting reading. It confirms thoughts I have had, and for which I sometimes have been accused of negativity. The recovery is there for some and not for others.

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Guest Blogger ........ Stuart Nicholls


We were honoured to play a small but effective part in flying the flag for Yorkshire

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Graham's latest Journal Column


IoD's support for Michael Gove's reforms to the education system.

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Digital vital for business - but take a digital holiday too!


As the holiday season approaches, I have a word of advice for those in business who want to truly relax: take a digital holiday too.

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Response to The Guardian's ill-conceived article about the North East


This article is a full version of Graham Robb's regular Journal Column which will be used this week to rebutted claims in the Guardian the the North East will be 'somewhere near Detroit' in five years.

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The trial of Max Clifford bought down the PR sector as a whole. Now the reputation of the PR sector is really in the hands of the thousands of high quality practitioners who believe that high quality communication for key client message involve personally and professional integrity.

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Business leaders have gained insights into brand reputation management

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Export Week in the North East


A very busy week for the new Chairman of the North East IoD

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Sunday Times View of the North East


The Sunday Times published an 'Inside Story' this week focussing on Redcar. It purported to be an illustration of the North South divide, Graham Robb sent the following for publication as an answer back.

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New Chairman of the IoD North East Region, takes the reins


New IoD North East Chairman at the helm

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Sunday Times Economics Editor experiences enterprising North East economy first-hand with Recognition PR


Recognition hosts Sunday Times Economics Editor, David Smith's visit to the North East

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Excellent start to 2014


Positivity in the economy bodes well for 2014

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We have completed the move!

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Nigel Mills from the 'Fortune favours the brave' conference

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New clients October & November


A clutch of new client wins keeps things positive!

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Latest Video blog


A preview of Recognition's new office

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Graham's latest column for The Journal


Every month Recognition's Senior Partner, Graham Robb, writes a column on current issues in the Journal here is this month's

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Party Conference


Senior Partner Graham Robb attended the Conservative Party Conference and spoke on BBC Radio Five Live

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VIDEO BLOG Design Council programme can help business


A new programme from the UK Design Council can help business and it's part funded by the Government

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Our first video blog - Interns


In Recognition's first video blog Senior Partner, Graham Robb, discusses internships

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Graham Robb latest Journal column


For 21 years orthodox political thinking says that “it’s the economy, stupid!” when it comes to the big battleground issue in elections. George Osborne knows it, Labour knows it too.

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National data gives cause for comment


The Government regularly publishes important data which the media then interprets by interviewing a range of experts and ‘talking heads’. We make sure our clients are represented whenever possible.

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Tees Valley Business Summit full of positive people

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The growth of small business


Every week I'm out and about around the UK visiting clients and checking that my team is performing well! I also get a real feel for how the UK economy is performing because I get to hear about their experiences. One client I visited this week is an inspirational success story.

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Working to promote social housing


The social housing sector is a critical part of our economy and part of everyday life in countless communities around the UK.

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Ofcom meeting


Recognition's Senior Partner, Graham Robb, met Ofcom with local MP James Wharton to dicuss the issue of migration of some programmes from Teesside to Newcastle

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The case for an independent radio station for Teesside, Darlington & Hartlepool


Some arguments for keeping a radio service for Tees Valley

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TFM - Our exhange of letters with Ofcom


Graham Robb publishes his exchange of letters with Ofcom about the relocation of TFM programme services from Stockton to Newcastle

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Changes to TFM


On April 5th 2013 the 24 staff who worked for the renowned commercial radio station serving Teesside, Hartlepool, Darlington South Durham and North Yorkshire lost their jobs after the owner of TFM announced it was to migrate its production to its sister station Metro Radio in Newcastle.

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Excellent Profile in the Business Sector


Excellent profile in the business sector for Recognition and its clients.

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Great night at Tees Valley business awards


Recognition clients get recognised at awards

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Spring successes


Update on latest news from Recognition

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Welcome to Recognition Lauren!


Lauren Pyrah joins Recognition and other news

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Happy New Year!


Graham writes.......
A busy New Year already; new clients on board and two new staff joining the team in the next two weeks. The year started with my op ed piece in the Journal on New Years' Day, it was about hope versus fear.

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Recognition builds on industry experience with launch of dedicated energy team


Our own media release about our newly formed Energy team.........

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Welcome to Stacey and Matthew! Our Experiences Working at Recognition


Since leaving University at the end of the last academic year and beginning work at Recognition, we have experienced a dramatic learning curve. Through studying Media Studies with English and Multimedia Journalism Degrees respectively at Teesside University, we thought we were prepared for the challenges of working in the media industry. But in the two-month period that we have been at Recognition, we have woken up to the realisation that there is a lot more learning to be done.

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Graham writes.....


Once again Recognition PR has delivered excellent media coverage for the annual Radio Festival staged by the UK Radio Academy.

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Consulting with the public


Graham writes........Consultation is an important part of the process of delivering big projects. Handled well it can make a project better and speed its approval through the planning system. Handled badly it will make the smallest objection appear like a large scale protest.

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Recognition's care operator's offering


Graham writes…..

I was very pleased to attend a conference for operators of care homes in Yorkshire at the end of September. Recognition has a new product to help this hard pressed sector deal with the increased media scrutiny it faces.

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New school year, new clients


Graham writes... As the business season starts again, like the new school year, we're thrilled to be winning new clients as schools are welcoming new students. We've even won a school as a client- I'm especially happy to be working with my old Secondary School, Nunthorpe School, which I left many moons ago!

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A New York welcome - a different way to use the training budget!


This blog is written by top Recognition PR Consultant Melanie Smith, who has just returned from a special trip to New York during which she learned even more about the latest developments in the PR Sector

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August silly season postponed


graham writes......August is traditionally seen as a 'silly season' in UK media. 

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Employment Minister at Tees Valley Business Summit


It’s been another busy month for Recognition, including the firm providing PR support for Tees Valley Unlimited’s inaugural Tees Valley Business Summit.

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Digital PR in the social media setting


Recognition is keeping ahead of the game when it comes to digital PR. We have enhanced our social media and digital services to meet the increasing demand for digital marketing and PR campaigns in this new media age. 

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Recognition helps Institute of Directors organise football talk


Recognition was delighted to help the Institute of Directors organise a members event in Houghton Le Spring. Members in County Durham and Sunderland have heard an inspirational insight into the life and work of one of the North East’s leading football bosses.

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Linked In site connects Recognition PR


Recognition PR has become the new owner of the North East England Business Network on the popular social media site LinkedIn. 

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Wetherby Whaler opening receives warm welcome in media


Being a PR professional is always hard work, often stressful with deadlines to meet and clients to service but it is also great fun and incredibly satisfying, particularly when it involves fish and chips, celebrities and a Yorkshire icon.

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New addition to the team!


Recognition Marketing and PR has welcomed Marie Carter as a Senior PR Consultant on its business-to-business team, which works with prestigious clients such as NOF Energy, TAG Energy Solutions, Ebac, DurhamGate and The Institution of Civil Engineers.

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Rich List evacuee causes media frenzy


Sometimes a story really captures the imagination of the media and creates a mini frenzy of activity across the whole range of print and broadcast outlets. Such was the case when John Elliott, founder of Recognition's client, Ebac, announced he was "giving away" his fortune.

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The Journal article 17 April


This article by Graham Robb was published in the Newcastle Journal:
We don't need to do anything clever, just invest in making the things we all buy

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Keeping in touch with business - polishing up your network


Graham writes......Recognition PR is proud of its own business network. Not only is the firm serving a brilliant list of clients in different sectors but it is also very active in several important business organisations.

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Two big events in March


Graham writes.....Recognition's team organised two major events to promote the North East economy in March. 

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Recognition PR recruits for paid internship scheme


Recognition Marketing and PR has launched a new paid internship programme and has recruited its first candidate: Daniel List (pictured)

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Good News Bad News


Graham writes....No day at Recognition is ever the same. 

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New staff and new clients at Recognition!


Recognition Marketing and PR, the national public relations consultancy based in the North East, has grown its team to help meet the needs of its expanding client base.

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Recognition launches paid internship for 2012


Graham writes......If you have left University and are still looking for a position, I know there are loads of people like you and I want to help.

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Recognition gains prestigious quality mark


Recognition Marketing & PR, the North East based national PR firm, has secured 93.4% in the independently assessed Consultancy Management Standard (CMS). 

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iPhones help on the site!


"All I want to do is make a phone call. Why does my mobile have to be so complicated?"

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Good day in London promoting Tees Valley


Recognition helped organise a successful delegation to London to deliver the message that 'Tees Valley is open and ready to do business'.

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Recognition and DFC, a brief history


I am not the biggest football fan in the world. I can't tell you who scored in a league match in 1983 or memorise facts and figures from league tables in years gone by. But I do follow my local team

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Northern Echo Article


I have had some good reaction to the article below, which was published in the Northern Echo today:

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Happy New Year 2012


Recognition started the year well. We won two new contracts and distributed loads of material for all our clients.

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