A day at Recognition PR


 As a sixth form student at Yarm School, I realise the importance of works experience and how valuable it can be towards employability, giving someone the edge in an application or interview situation. I have spent the day at Recognition PR, learning how the firm works and what it does on a daily basis. The day started with a creative session in which all employees discussed future projects and various client profiles, solving problems and creating solutions. It was interesting to see the enthusiasm of employees, especially Graham Robb the owner who led the meeting. I was then tasked with going through local and national newspapers, extracting stories regarding any of Recognition’s clients that feature in the paper. This is a key part of the firm’s service as it allows Recognition to show their clients what coverage their firm is receiving in the media.

I was then taken into the firm’s video editing department to see how all the films for clients produced by the firm are made. The process is thorough and involves consultants liaising with the media team to get the desired message across in the interview with the client. Throughout the day, broadcasters flew in and out of the office, going to various clients to record interviews as part of the service provided by Recognition.

Lunch was a quick sandwich then back to work, this time writing up a brief for an article one of the Partners, Jamie, was going to write on behalf of a client. This involved extensive research, compiling a number of various points and statistics to include in order to get the right message across.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going through a current project with consultant Chris. He showed me how the firm goes about establishing and building a relationship with their clients and more specifically how they conduct an interview with the client.

I would like to thank Graham and the rest of Recognition for providing me with a very interesting day and for making me feel a part of the team. I learnt a lot about the world of public relations and how delivering a tailored service for each and every client is of paramount importance to the firm, this was evident from their work ethic and attention to detail.

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