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My name is Amelia Barron and I have recently completed my GCSE examinations at Durham High School for Girls; I am hoping to study History, English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and French for A level.


I have found my four days of work experience at Recognition PR very constructive and challenging, as I was able to build upon my communication, writing and artistic skills while working in an unfamiliar environment.


I was incredibly nervous at first, but this nervousness began to fade when I met the team here, as they were all very welcoming and accommodating. I was even given the exciting opportunity to write my own version of an article about the DurhamGate Summer Festival, allowing me to develop my informative writing technique further from what I had previously been taught in school.


My second day proved to be even more interesting, as I was given the task of individually redesigning the company’s brochure for an upcoming event that they are involved in. I really enjoyed this as I was able to use my creativity and improve my ability to address purpose and audience, in order to create an information sheet appropriate for a business audience.


My most demanding job followed this, as I was asked to transcribe a recording of a TV interview from an MP3 Player. The task itself was only slightly difficult, as I had produced transcripts before, but what I found most challenging was maintaining accuracy while working under pressure. However, this experience showed me the importance of time management in a business and helped me to improve my ability to work well in stressful situations.


Thankfully none of my other jobs across the next two days were quite as strenuous, although they helped me to become more confident and improve my technical skills. I particularly liked creating memes for the company to promote the use of videos on business’ websites, as I was able to research the statistics and select the photos myself, and thanks to my previous experience with a similar programme I was able to grasp the method quickly.


Overall, this experience has been invaluable in my preparation for both the world of work and sixth form, as I have been able to develop and improve some vital skills; such as communication, adaptability, creativity and initiative. I could not recommend this placement more.

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