August silly season postponed


graham writes......August is traditionally seen as a 'silly season' in UK media. Parliament, councils, some courts and leaders of high finance are away and major news stories and announcements are delayed. This year though we have the spectacular of the London 2012 Olympics acting as a 'news sponge' (a catch-phrase now established by Alastair Campbell in the latest edition of his excellent diaries) keeping our media busy.

Every outlet is at it, from the BBC clearing the entire schedule of BBC 1 to local newspapers reporting the detailed progress of any local Team GB athlete and all sorts of obscure Olympic angles. One of our clients is a nursery school chain and is having an 'Olympic' visit from a local torchbearer; a little obscure but enough to generate coverage!

So Recognition is using the Olympics to plan other material for clients to be distributed in the two weeks following the closing ceremony. This is a time that media will be looking for material. 

We are also using the period for one of our most exciting training initiatives. Lucky PR consultant Melanie Smith is to visit New York in a five day trip that will visit some of the top US PR firms together with meetings at US based businesses in the same sector as her clients and two major media outlets - a top radio station and the New York Times.

The visit will help us to exchange ideas and consider future planning for the ever changing media and web based social media environment. Melanie will be reporting back on this blog in a few weeks and we expect her visit will help Recognition to maintain its place at the forefront of dynamic PR activity in the UK.

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