Happy New Year 2012


Graham writes.....Recognition started the year well. We won two new contracts and distributed loads of material for all our clients. In fact we stored material up over the Christmas holiday to take advantage of media outlets being a bit short of business copy on their first days back after Christmas.The return to work felt really positive, the phones were ringing quickly with enquiries about our services. If feels as though business owners, particularly owner managers, have decided that despite the predictions of financial Armageddon, they need to promote their products people and services. The economy is growing, albeit more slowly than predicted in 2010. Two key retailers - Next and John Lewis - have said the High Street outperformed last year and was better than expected. Manufacturing is still doing well - so well there is a skills shortage - and other sectors continue to grow. We won clients in healthcare, food and drink and manufacturing in 2010.

We are hopeful and positive about 2012. Give us a call if you like us to help promote your business and its services.

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