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Paul White writes......You still hear a lot of people complain: "All I want to do is make a phone call. Why does my mobile have to be so complicated?"

I have to admit that there have been times when I have felt intellectually humbled by modern technology.

It is true that all some people want from a telephone is to call or text. However, as a PR professional who often has to work out in the field, the additional benefits of my iPhone have never been more useful.

For example, last week I spent the day working with clients as part of the coverage of the GDP figures for the final quarter of 2011. A few days earlier, Sky News’ Gerard Tubb had contacted our office, asking who we might have available from various sectors to discuss the economy once the figures were revealed.

Sky’s planners eventually settled on the construction sector and we arranged to be on site in York with Fabrick Housing Group’s Martin Hawthorne. The site is being built by another Recognition client, Southdale, and we were joined by Southdale’s Siobhan Campbell.Having used my iPhone to ensure everybody involved made it to where they were required to be, it was the additional utilities of the phone which then came to the fore.

Prior to Martin’s interview, I was able to use Recognition’s app, which features all of our clients’ recent media releases, to remind him of some facts and figures.

As he was about to "go live", I opened up the Sky News app and watched the channel’s coverage on a one minute delay. Not only was I able to confirm very quickly that the strategically placed Southdale branding had been featured in the item, Martin could also watch himself back as soon as the interview was over. At least he would have been had someone not chosen that moment to call me...a moment when I felt that perhaps the phone element of the iPhone should be removed, just as it has been for the iPad!

A few minutes later, when Sky decided they wanted to change the emphasis of the coverage to manufacturing, the phone’s ability to conference call allowed me to almost instantly grasp the opportunity for another client, Ebac, and it was up the A1 to Newton Aycliffe for more great coverage.At Recognition, we have even started using our iPhones to record videos for our client, to be edited back in our studio.

The technological advances being made by companies such as Apple are literally creating opportunities in the palms of our hands and making communications and feedback almost instant. We should embrace it to help us do our jobs even better.

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