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Baroness Karren Brady & Duncan Bannatyne

As a friend of Duncan Bannatyne (@duncanbannatyne) and the NE Chair of the IoD (which believes in promoting entrepreneurship) I was surprised and sad to read the cheap shot in the Sun column by one of the Government's peers, Baroness Karren Brady (@karren_brady) . This respected business woman had a real go at Duncan Bannatyne and his girlfriend Nigora in true tabloid fashion. The Baroness was appointed the Government's Small Business Ambassador by the Prime Minister and her comments were beneath her and her position. Duncan is a hugely successful first generation entrepreneur who has created at least 10,000 jobs in the various businesses he established or invested in, many of these in the North East - a region where enterprise has never been so important. Many smaller business and budding entrepreneurs respect him and want to emulate him. To berate him for tweeting a kiss and enjoying his success while also jibing his girlfriend is demeaning to the spirit of her position in public life. Karren should be using Duncan's success as a spur to encourage others, not turning on the very personification of what she wants to encourage through her formal role. She was either very badly advised or had a serious lapse in judgement. An apology is called for

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