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Twitter has become part of our daily communications, with companies and individuals broadcasting their opinions and engaging with others. Some clients of Recognition use it to promote their services, others to highlight the skills of their people. Events are regularly featured and it is also used to point to websites with extra information including newspaper and You Tube. We advise lots of businesses on the use of Twitter.

One person who uses Twitter but without any PR company getting involved, is Duncan Bannatyne. He is one of the most famous people on Twitter and has many more followers than newspapers have readers or even some TV programmes have viewers. If you want to follow someone with strong opinions and fun content too, follow Duncan.

Recently Twitter has introduced a new app called Periscope. You can install it on your IPhone from the app store or down load it for an android phone here :

The app allows you to broadcast live from the camera on your phone, using Twitter to point to your broadcast. The videos remain available to view for a couple of hours after broadcast and are then deleted. During the General Election campaign journalists like Fiasal Islam on Sky News used Periscope to show his followers what was happening behind the scenes, he also persuaded the Party leaders to talk to his followers live.

Most periscope broadcasts only have a few viewers but it could catch on. Recognition PR used it recently at a press launch for a new exercise routine at a Banntayne health club. You can see the pic of Duncan looking on as Recognition PR consultant Caroline Walker broadcasts X-factor star Chico live via Twitter at his Block Fit class which raised money for the Look Good feel Better cancer charity.

Will periscope catch on? It could but the deletion of video is a disadvantage. Even though it is live, people will watch the play back later too. If the play back was available for longer more people would watch. There are other technical issues including non-ability for user the phone in landscape mode and the awkward way the camera can be put into ‘selfie’ mode.

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