Welcome to Stacey and Matthew! Our Experiences Working at Recognition


Transferring from University to a business environment has meant that we have had to adapt to an array of new systems and methods that are standard at a PRCA-accredited PR firm like Recognition. 

Due to our university courses being slightly different in content, we have each found different aspects of our roles challenging. 


Working on the Business Team has proved to be a real eye opener for me. Coming from a background mainly in music and sports journalism, I have quickly adapted to my new role. I have had to pick up a wide knowledge of how the business world works in order to successfully transfer my skills. 

As a PR Assistant on the Business Team, there are a lot of aspects that play to my strengths in journalism, such as writing press releases. 

The main challenge I have come up against is balancing my workload. Having to deal with many different clients and many complex projects over a wide range of sectors has meant I have had to quickly acclimatise. 


During my time at Recognition I have had to adapt quickly to a busy office setting. After being placed on the Consumer and Healthcare Team I have had the opportunity to work on many varied and high profile clients.

In my new role as an assistant, I have been able to use my organisational skills from university and apply that to the clients I deal with. I particularly enjoy the aspect of my job that allows me to assist with event planning and client’s social media activities.

The main challenge I have faced is adapting to the writing aspect of the role. Coming from a wider media angle, writing was only one small aspect of my course. However, I have managed to improve my press releases considerably and I have learned a lot throughout my time here at the business.

In conclusion, we are extremely grateful to Graham for taking us on, and the rest of the Recognition team for making us feel so welcome. We both agree that it is a real pleasure to be part of such a high profile and well-respected company.

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