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Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington says that it’s “vitally important” that older people in the region should not lose an ‘important lifeline’, if plans to shut down traditional TV and radio services go ahead.

The charity is backing the Broadcast 2040+ campaign which aims to protect TV and radio services for everyone – including the elderly and vulnerable people that rely on them the most – until 2040 and beyond.

An international conference The World Radio Communication Conference (WRC23), taking place at the end of this year, will decide whether to safeguard the radiofrequency spectrum used to deliver these services. The campaign calls on the UK Government to ensure that the international decision does not negatively impact the services relied on by the people of the North East and North Yorkshire.

Many people are not aware that, on current plans, TV received through an aerial (Freeview) and broadcast radio are not guaranteed long term.

Research from Ipsos shows the significant negative impact of the potential loss of broadcast TV and radio to people in the region, particularly for those who are vulnerable when disconnected from public information and entertainment.

Helen Hunter, CEO of Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington, said: “For many older people, TV and radio is their window into the outside world. It keeps them informed, entertained and engaged with the outside world when perhaps they have few other touch points with the rest of society. It is their company when no one else can be there for them.

“I’m delighted to support the Broadcast 2040+ campaign because it protects TV for older people. Many older people live on low fixed-incomes and don’t have the financial or technological ability to use the multitude of streaming services. That’s why it’s really important for the government to protect digital terrestrial television.”

Broadcast 2040+ is a coalition of organisations across the UK, including Age UK, Silver Voices and the Rural Services Network. Other backers of the campaign nationally include Children’s Media Foundation, British Broadcasting Challenge and Voice of the Listener and Viewer.

Polling by Strand Partners of more than 1600 people found that in the North East:

  • 77% support the continued provision of free TV and radio services
  • 85% listen to radio through a radio set every month and 66% consider its continued provision essential or important
  • 86% watch TV via Freeview every month, and 70% consider its continued provision essential or important.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Marie Carter-Robb at or call 07760 477694.


Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington is a nationally registered charity and one of 150 locally based Age UK organisations providing a variety of services to older people aged 50 plus.

Whether it’s through recreational activities, expert information and advice, befriending services or just being somewhere to turn when things get too tough to cope with on your own, Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington provides crucial companionship, advice and support to thousands of people every year.

Community focused, Age UK is dedicated to enhancing the lives of older people in the community through befriending, outreach and social activities as well as providing an invaluable range of social and wellbeing services, including:

  • A cafe and restaurant.
  • A day centre.
  • Exercise & physical activity
  • Meals at home
  • IT Training courses
  • Social activities
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Helen Hunter, CEO of Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington.
Helen Hunter, CEO of Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington.
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