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Desert Island Dishes Derek Ballantyne - Head Chef, Black Sheep Brewery Visitor Centre

NEWS RELEASE ISSUED ON BEHALF OF BLACK SHEEP BREWERY All Time Favourite Meal I love scallops, so a starter of Coquille St Jacques is a must, followed by rib-eye steak with frites, peppercorn sauce and side salad, finished off with a good old fashioned trifle with lashings of sherry. That’s me, a very happy man indeed. Guilty Pleasures I have a sweet tooth so any old fashioned cakes, sponge or milk puddings. I’ve just refined a lovely sticky toffee pudding at the brewery using Riggwelter Ale in the toffee sauce, with cream, muscavado sugar and finished with a few pistoles of Belgian chocolate just to darken it a bit. Luxury Meal I love offal, so anything featuring Foie Gras is a dream. I love French food and classic French dishes, and love just walking around Sarlat market in the Dordogne region of France. You can have your lunch going from stall to stall, trying all the local delicacies such as foie gras, rillettes of duck, smoked duck and goose, honey, sausages and lots of different cheeses. A big plate of king prawns and scallops, by the seaside, near Port Grimaud, in the South of France is just as inviting. Budget Meal Belly pork, liver or anything with offal, or just any cheap cuts that don’t usually get used or cost a lot. A lovely stew or casserole with lots of vegetables, good wholesome cooking which is hearty and homely. Family Favourite Has to be a roast of either duck, chicken, belly pork or Nidderdale lamb, with homemade Yorkshire Puddings and lashings of gravy as a starter. I’m easily pleased! Nostalgic Childhood Favourite My mother was not much of a great cook, but she was fantastic when it came to baking cakes, scones, bread etc. But my Gran used to make a cow heel stew with meat, barley, vegetables and Guinness. It was divine, she seemed to cook it forever but it was like a thick and gelatinous soup, great for winter. Signature Dish Pairing different food items with beer, such as baking ham with ale and treacle, and cooking ham hocks in beer brine for hock terrines, and our traditional steak and ale pie using Riggwelter. Also, our take on coq au vin using Black Sheep Ale instead. I make my own black pudding using Black Sheep Ale with apple and dried fruits and serve it topped with grilled goats cheese and a beetroot and horseradish relish. Favourite Pub or Bar Meal Apart from some of the local fayre when you go from county to county I like a good Ploughman’s. Some pubs are lazy when they make them, with a bit of cheese, meat and bread. We do a similar one only we call it a Drayman’s Platter. A good Ploughman’s should be you and your town or county on a plate, showing off local meats, pies, cheese and chutneys. Luxury Dessert Island Item Maybe a barbecue to cook some nice line caught fish. I’m not one for luxury items but if possible a nice yacht with a kitchen and the fridge filled with all my favourites and lots of Riggwelter Ale. I don’t think I’d want to be rescued, actually! Favourite Book My Larousse Gastronomique, the French culinary bible. It’s a must for any young chef to have. back to Black Sheep Brewery


Derek Ballantyne
Derek Ballantyne
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