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Letter: British citizenship guide

Dear Sir, The Government’s new British citizenship guide, Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, states that “public houses are an important part of the UK social culture” (Sunday Times, 27/1/2013). How true this is. However, it seems contradictory that, while heralding pubs as a British institution, the Government is also crippling landlords and the brewing industry through constant increases in taxation. Beer duty has increased by more than 40% in the last four years and, since 1990 there have been 20 increases imposed on drinkers. The UK pays over 40% of the total EU duty bill while only consuming 13% of the total beer volume. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) recently warned that 18 pubs are closing each week in Britain and that the strains of the tax rises are a constant threat to the industry. Unless the Government is aiming for this cultural heritage to become a luxury, the brakes need to be put on this perennial tax increase. Yours, Rob Theakston Managing Director Black Sheep Brewery Wellgarth Masham North Yorkshire HG4 4EN back to Black Sheep Brewery