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New 54° North dispensing font helps Black Sheep's first ever lager stand out at the bar


Black Sheep Brewery’s 54° North is continuing to take a prominent position in the growing UK lager market, with the launch of a stylish dispensing font that will be on display in pubs and bars across the country.

Originally launched in 2017 as the North Yorkshire brewery’s first ever lager, the premium quality, Helles-style lager has quickly established itself in pub and retail markets.

Having recently secured listings for 54° North with major supermarket chains Tesco and Morrisons, the lager will also be an important addition to UK pubs during the summer months with the new font increasing visibility at the bar.

54° North, a 4.5% ABV premium small batch craft lager, was created in homage to Black Sheep’s hometown of Masham and the brand’s name derives from the line of latitude around the earth that passes through the Yorkshire market town – 54th parallel North.

Brewed with German Pilsner Malt, together with Magnum and Polaris hops, as well as the classic German aroma hop, Tettnang, 54° North is top fermented using Black Sheep’s famous Yorkshire Square fermenters in Masham, then lagered for a month to intensify the crisp, clean finish.

The successful development and establishment of 54° North demonstrates the brewing diversity at Black Sheep, which was recognised by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) at its awards last year when the brewery was named Beer Champion 2017.

Rob Theakston, Managing Director at Black Sheep Brewery, said: “We are really pleased with the reaction to 54° North and this new dispensing font will make it stand out further in what is a growing and competitive lager market. We do believe that combining our brewing heritage and expertise has enabled us to successfully enter the lager market with a premium choice that is increasing the diversity of Black Sheep brews in UK pubs.”



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Editors’ Notes:

The Black Sheep Brewery is one of British brewing’s most famous stories and has grown from humble beginnings to become a multi-award winning company, with its beers enjoyed around the world.

Black Sheep has grown to become one of Yorkshire’s most recognised brands, and was unveiled as the official brewery of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire and is the official brewery of Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC).

In the past 12 months, Black Sheep has won a number of prestigious awards, including:

  • The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) National Independent Beer Awards 2018 – Glug M’Glug – Small Pack Gold Champion in the Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales category
  • The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) Beer Champion 2017
  • World Beer Awards – Choc & Orange Stout – Gold Award
  • World Beer Awards – Riggwelter – Gold Award
  • World Beer Awards – Black Sheep Ale – Silver Award
  • World Beer Awards – My Generation – Bronze Award

Based in Masham, in the heart of North Yorkshire, Black Sheep brewed its first beer in 1992 after being built up by Paul Theakston, whose family had brewed in the area for six generations.

In a world of ever-increasing bland, mass-produced beer, Paul saw an opportunity to return to what his family had done best since 1827, making real beer in the time-honoured fashion.

An old maltings building, once part of Lightfoot's Brewery, became the Brewery’s home. This landmark building, which stands high over the banks of the Ure, had fallen in to disrepair as years of neglect as a semi-redundant grainstore had taken its toll. Paul assembled a small team around him to fight the rats and build a traditional country brewery.

The Visitor Centre, at the site of the iconic brewery, has grown to become an award-winning attraction for visitors to Yorkshire, with tens of thousands of people flocking to Masham each year.

The Black Sheep name derived from Masham’s association with sheep, but ‘Sheep Brewery’ didn’t quite sound right, so with a little creativity from Paul’s wife, the Black Sheep Brewery was born - a name that sat well with the area, spoke volumes about the business’ maverick attitude to the multi-nationals seeking to dominate the brewing industry and captured the essence of the family struggle that led to its birth.

Black Sheep’s beers are full of character derived from the best possible brewing materials, plenty of time and patience in the brewing and its very special Yorkshire Square fermenters.

Black Sheep Best Bitter is now one of the best-selling cask session beers in the UK and many of its creative brews, over the course of its 25-year history, have collected numerous awards – ranging from Black Sheep’s traditional ales to its up and coming craft beers.

2017 marked the launch of Black Sheep Brewery’s first lager, 54° North, created in homage to its hometown of Masham, which sits on 54’ 13’ 24” N; 1’ 39’ 20” W longitude and latitude lines, as the company embarks on an adventurous new chapter in its distinguished history.

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The new 54° North dispensing font
The new 54° North dispensing font
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