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What does a business need more – innovators or sales people?

This conundrum came to the fore in the recent series of The Apprentice where inventor Tom Pellereau beat consummate sales people to seize the prize of a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

However, the answer actually is that businesses need a combination of the two.

Companies that rest on their past successes and fail to innovate and develop new products or services will stagnate and die as more dynamic competitors steal a lead.

Equally, you can have the best product in the world, but if you do not have a team with the ability to sell its qualities to potential customers then it will be doomed to fail.

Analyse most successful businesses and you will find that they employ a range of talented people in different disciplines to enable a new product or service to evolve from an idea to reality.

Inventors cannot work in isolation; they need to collaborate with smart sales professionals, astute financial advisers, experienced investors, and knowledgeable legal experts.

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Notes to Editors:
Middleton Enterprises Ltd is a private investment company that has made a substantial contribution to the North East’s economy by investing in and providing business advice to entrepreneurial businesses.
During recent years, it has supported seven North East businesses, generally from start-up, usually taking a minority stake and offering strategic advice to support growth.
Jeremy Middleton was one of the founders of HomeServe plc in 1990, which represents the company’s core investment. A FTSE200 support services company, HomeServe has a market capitalisation in excess of £1.5bn.



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Jeremy Middleton
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