Jeremy Middleton. founder of Middleton Enterprises

One of the most prominent board members of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) has responded to the result of the Scottish independence ballot.

Jeremy Middleton is founder of Middleton Enterprises, a £50m investment company, as well as being a Board Member of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

He said:

“The result of the referendum is to be welcomed, because it is good for the UK and good for Scotland.

“However, the debate has raised a lot of questions for the North East, particularly because all Parties have heralded the rapid introduction of new powers on tax and spending for Scotland, which will potentially have very significant repercussions for the region. Depending upon what powers are given, we may be looking at changes to Corporation Tax, which could entice businesses North of the Border, or VAT rates which could affect spending in the region by enticing shoppers to Edinburgh or Glasgow, rather than the MetroCentre or Newcastle, for example. Likewise, incentives for investment in Scotland could drive investors North.

“Here in the North East, existing organisations, such as the Local Enterprise Partnerships, need to get together to make the case for changes which will rebalance the economy to the North of the country. We need to be calling for such things as lower air passenger duty for all regional airports, an HS3 system, which starts in Edinburgh and comes down the East Coast and improved road links with Scotland. We should work with Scotland to put together mutually beneficial plans for such infrastructure improvements, and then take them to the UK Government.”

Interviews with Jeremy can be arranged by calling 01325 363436.



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Jeremy Middleton. founder of Middleton Enterprises
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