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Customer service and safety lies at the heart of Boro Taxis’ business.

Mohammed Bashir, who founded the private hire firm 30 years ago, says there are distinct advantages using the company such as the journey having to be pre-booked – this can be done by app, online ( or by ringing 01642 22 22 22.

This means you know for certain that both the vehicle and driver are licensed by the Licensing Authorities; drivers undergoing criminal record checks and vehicles undergoing regular vehicle examinations.

Computerised systems ensure that all booking details are recorded

Boro Taxis, one of the North East largest taxi companies, also texts customers with vehicle details including registration number.

Other safety advice advocated by Bashir comprises:

  • Before you get into any taxi make sure you check the vehicle’s signage , plate and the driver's identification badge.
  • Never travel in a vehicle not displaying an identification plate



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Boro Taxis’ logo
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