Boro Taxis’ driver Ramzan Mansha, who drove to London and back to pick up a passport, which saved Christine Gordon’s holiday.

Boro Taxis came to the rescue to save the holiday of a woman who had left her passport 250 miles away by driving to London and back.

Christine Gordon, 27, had travelled up to her parents’ home in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire, from her home in London for a family skiing holiday in the French Alps.

She had journeyed from Kings Cross to Northallerton by train arriving at her parents’ home at 10pm on the evening before her flight.

Christine, a dentist, 27, explained: “I arrived at my parents’ quite late in the evening and it suddenly dawned on me that I couldn't remember having packed my passport.

"I frantically emptied my bags and couldn't see it anywhere. I called my boyfriend, who was back at my flat in London, and he saw that it had slipped down the side of the bed where I had been packing. I couldn't believe it as I'm normally so organised."

Christine and her family realised there were a few options; drive to London and back, arrange a courier collection, change Christine's flight to the following day from London, or Christine could miss the holiday all together.

Christine added: “It was such a stressful start to the holiday as it was, without the thought of a mission back to London or missing the start of the holiday. Then my dad had a brainwave and wondered if Boro Taxis could do it.”

Her father Ian called Boro Taxis, one of the largest firms of its kind in the North East, and the company quickly accepted the job and dispatched a driver who travelled through the night to London and then back to Osmotherley.

Christine was reunited with her passport in time to catch her flight.

Christine said: “I was in a real state when I realised I had forgotten my passport. Boro Taxis didn't just save the day, but saved my holiday thanks to its fabulous customer service.

“It’s great to know that there are firms able and willing to step in when people are in a crisis. I can’t thank Boro Taxis enough – the company and its driver were my saviours!"

Boro Taxis regularly is called upon to transport people from the region to destinations throughout the UK, but picking up and delivering a mislaid passport is among its more unusual bookings.

Mohammed Bashir, Boro Taxis founder, said: “We strive to meet the needs of our customers whatever their transport requirements.

“We’re proud that Christine’s father felt that Boro Taxis had the ability to come to the rescue. We are delighted that we were able to reunite Christine with her passport."



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Notes to Editors:

Boro Taxis was founded by Mohammed Bashir in 1982 with three cars. Today the company has a fleet of more than 800 vehicles, provides employment for almost 900 people in Tees Valley and handles more than 80,000 calls per week. All of Boro Taxis’ private hire drivers are licensed with the relevant Licensing Authorities undergo National Vocational Qualification 2 training in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving.


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Boro Taxis’ driver Ramzan Mansha, who drove to London and back to pick up a passport, which saved Christine Gordon’s holiday.
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