Mohammed Bashir, Founder of Boro Taxis

Boro Taxis, one of the largest firms of its kind in the North East, says that changing trends in booking holidays abroad is proving to be a boon for the private hire sector.

As budget airlines continue to broaden the spread of their destinations, Boro Taxis has found that people’s holiday habits are changing. Instead of opting for the traditional package holiday more people are making the most of low-cost flights and booking elements of their breaks abroad separately. This includes even flying in and out of different airports to get the best deals.

In Boro Taxis’ experience more people are opting to book a taxi to catch a flight with journeys from Teesside to and from Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds-Bradford becoming more popular with its customers.

In the wake of the increase in this type of business, Boro Taxis has pledged to freeze its fixed price airport fares until the end of 2016.

According to Boro Taxis’ records, taxi airport runs are up by more than 180 percent and such journeys using mini buses by more than 250 percent.

Mohammed Bashir, Boro Taxis founder, said: “These days with airlines battling to offer the best deal for popular European destinations low-cost flights more than offset the cost of a taxi particularly when factoring in the cost of parking in to the equation.

“We are finding that more and more customers are flying out of one airport and coming back into another to get the best bargain, which makes using their own car impractical.”

Mr Bashir added: “We have made a pledge to freeze our fixed price airport fares for the whole of 2016 due to airport runs becoming a bigger part of our business streams.”

Boro Taxis fixed fares – one way – from a central Middlesbrough location to the following airports start from:

Newcastle £42

Manchester £95

Leeds-Bradford £55

East Midlands £180

Liverpool £130



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Notes to Editors:

Boro Taxis was founded by Mohammed Bashir in 1982 with three cars.

Today the company has a fleet of more than 800 vehicles, provides employment for almost 900people in Tees Valley and handles more than 80,000 calls per week .All of Boro Taxis’ private hire drivers are licensed with the relevant Licensing Authorities undergo National Vocational Qualification 2 training in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving. 


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Mohammed Bashir, Founder of Boro Taxis
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