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Tees Components invests in ensuring accuracy of machined parts for Defence industry



CNC specialists Tees Components has invested £50,000 in maintaining and verifying the precision of its machined parts to support its activities in the defence industry.

The company based in North Skelton, near Saltburn, updated its previous portable coordinate measuring arm (PCMM) with the Faro Quantum S4.0m 6-axis arm, the largest and most accurate model available.

The portable 3D measurement technology uses spatial analyser software to complete surface measurements and dimensional calculations to the highest degree of precision and is able to perform highly accurate CAD-to-Part Analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies.

The £50,000 PCMM, the first on the market verified to ISO 10360-12:2016, has a maximum permissible error over 4m of just 0.045mm.

In addition, Tees Components is constantly investing in maintaining and equipping its machines with quality tooling.

One of its most important machines is the Schiess Horimaster, a 10m x 4m x 1.25m CNC floor borer, which was sourced from Germany and installed in 2014.

Maintaining its accuracy is crucial to the company, which recently decommissioned it to allow a full realignment and calibration to ensure a continued high degree of precision and efficiency.

It is now achieving a tolerance of 0.075mm, especially suited for very large fabrications with precision machining requirements.

The Schiess Horimaster, which incorporates a CNC rotary table together with extensive floor plates, has produced components for the power generation, marine, oil and gas and defence sectors. In addition to its expansive capacity, it is especially accurate and therefore trusted with the company’s most precision contracts.

Sharon Lane, Managing Director of Tees Components, said: “Tees Components has developed into one of the country’s most comprehensive and versatile heavy machinists, operating more than 20 CNC machines producing precision parts 24 hours a day.

“As a result, we have built our reputation upon the ability to machine components of almost any weight and size to the highest degree of precision – something that is essential to our clients in a range of sectors including the defence industry.

“This company is committed to both maintaining and improving such high standards of accuracy which is why it is heavily involved in a rolling programme of maintenance and investment to sustain and support our growing order book.”


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Editors’ Notes:

Since it was founded in 1963, Skelton-based Tees Components has developed into one of the country’s most comprehensive and versatile heavy machinists, operating very large CNC machines producing precision parts 24-hours-a-day.

It is an award-winning business with one of the largest machining capacities in the UK.

It has been involved in many high-profile complex projects including the Channel Tunnel, the Humber Bridge, and more recently waterjet Tees White Gill thrusters for RRS Sir David Attenborough, the Astute class of submarines, and prototype development for the offshore wind sector.


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 Tees Components’ new Faro Quantum S4.0m 6-axis arm in operation
 Tees Components’ new Faro Quantum S4.0m 6-axis arm in operation
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