Public Policy and Strategic Communications Advice

Prices: £780 - £1,200. T&C's

Recognition PR offers strategic-level advice for the promotion of business policies.

Our connections with different stakeholder groups enable our clients to bring their influence to bear and contribute to setting the agenda.

Our senior partner is a long-standing senior member of numerous business organisation and has served on the National Council of the Institute of Directors. 

Our managing partner has been the deputy leader of a local authority and served on numerous public bodies. Both work to the Nolan Principles of public life in a number of unpaid roles they have taken with public organisations.

The firm routinely advises organisations on the way to communicate significant projects to the stakeholders whose decisions will affect their success or failure.

The business is a member of various bodies in sectors as diverse as energy to healthcare, and it also owns and operates the North East and Yorkshire Business Network on LinkedIn, which has in excess of 13,000 members.

Recognition PR does not routinely conduct lobbying operations involving ministers, but if legitimate lobbying is undertaken it will be publicly registered under the Consultant Lobbyist Regulations.