Joss Havakin

Joss Havakin is an Associate Partner and location producer at Recognition PR

<h2>About Joss</h2>

About Joss

Joss Havakin is an Associate Partner and location producer at the firm.

Joss re-joined Recognition in 2021 having previously been part of the team fresh from university as a PR assistant - and later a consultant - working alongside Caroline and Graham to support B2C and B2B accounts. He works closely with Graham to produce his weekly Northern Business Podcast, which is broadcast live from Recognition PR’s studio. He is regularly found on location producing events and videos for the firm's top clients.

In addition to successfully building and selling a hospitality business, Joss has experience working with a wide range of clients including large institutional investors with billions of pounds under management, professional services firms, and third sector organisations.

Outside of work, Joss can be found in his garage tinkering with his motorcycle, mending fences at the family farm, or at home with his partner and two house rabbits.