With more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of communications, Recognition PR is offering NEW customers a one-off PR support package, to assist them in planning and delivering promotional activities for their products and services during the Covid-19 emergency.

The normal basis of our charges is set out below. However, you have chose to take advantage of our time limited coronavirus economic recovery offer. This involves an upfront one-off fee of £500 plus VAT. 


For this fee we will provide: One piece of editorial style media copy, a professional web-video and/or location photograph (shot in one location in the North East and with one edit session but without complex special effects), distribution of media story to key media list (list to be agreed but publication cannot be guaranteed), targeted social media post using your log-in to various platforms, social media post on LinkedIn business groups we own and others you have membership of, one consultation and advisory session to advise on any ‘above the line’ advertising programmes or networking engagement (note: we do not purchase advertising for clients).


Payment is made on credit or debit card in advance. Further work can be considered by either party but there is no obligation to continue. If the relationship is formalised after the initial £500 fee, it will be on Recognition’s standard fees as published on our website and invoiced monthly on the basis of one calendar month notice on either side. Terms 30 days.


If further work is entered into, photography, video and other ancillary services are invoiced from our sister company Recognition Services Ltd at point of use, on terms of 30 days. 


This offer is limuted to new customers in May, June, July 2020.


For an informal discussion on how to engage, call 01325 363436 or email graham.robb@ecognitionpr.co.uk 



One clear requirement from HMG is that businesses which re-open will need to have conducted a risk assessment and produced a Covid-19 HSE policy statement. Some of Recognition PR's clients have done this and produced a video to illustrate it to relevant stakeholders. These ‘return to business’ videos are for staff training, for customers, or for visitors. We are ready to produce more. They can either be very light touch videos, such as Recognition’s own visitor video, or more complex videos such as one produced for 0800 Repair. Here are two links for illustration only:

1) Recognition visitor safety video - light touch camera with voice over, simple edit, subtitled


2) More complex client explainer video - person reading intro from autocue, more complex edit, subtitled



Get in touch for a quote for your own firm.




Recognition PR promotes and defends the products services and people of our clients using a variety of below the line techniques and platforms including - earned media coverage, events, networking, thought leadership, and social media.

We don’t involve ourselves in expensive ‘above the line’ advertising campaigns.

Every week our staff will talk to each of our clients to give ideas and get instructions, we then transmit their positive narratives via wide variety of different media, trade media, social media, and bespoke communications platforms. We also organise events and plug our clients into the business networks that are appropriate for them.

Maintaining first class relations with the media is essential to success in our field. We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the UK media - including business, consumer, trade and financial publications as well as regional and national press - and we use a unique 'shadow newsroom' concept to present our clients' plans, announcements and news stories to them. Our consultants are highly skilled in tailoring stories and messages to maximise media interest and also appreciate the subtle differences involved in preparing material aimed at television, radio and new media. We are able to secure slots on national and regional news bulletins as well as in magazines, business publications, and lifestyle and reality programmes, resulting in a strong and healthy profile for our clients.


• Consultant rate - £530+VAT per day • Senior Consultant rate - £630+VAT per day;
• Senior Partner - £750+VAT per day • Amalgamated US Rate $995 + relevant taxes 

Minimum contract value of one day per month for three months, thereafter one calendar month notice either side.


VIDEOS and AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES: We see video as an integral part of PR activity. It stimulates social media responses and encourages media web sites to cover stories. 

Our pricing formula is based on time spent shooting and editing. Ther following is a guide to our prices.

  • Filming and editing charged at £60+VAT per hour


  • An average video, shot on one site in the North East of England (maximum one-hour travel from Darlington), with one videographer on site filming for no more than an hour with a maximum two hour edit and one set of author amends: £300+VAT


  • Any additional sets of author amendments: £60+VAT per set of amendments
  • Captioning from £41.50+VAT for up to ten minutes
  • Video filming outside of the one hour travel time as detailed above will incur additional travel time costs of £60 per hour and mileage costing 25p per mile


  • Social Media live broadcasts £675+VAT to RPR clients, £975 to non-clients

Based on:       

- A pre-event site recce to undertake a signal, transmission check to confirm strength of signal to broadcast live from the venue

- Two AV technicians (one filming, one as sound desk operator) to attend, set up, operate and remove equipment

- Provision of video and sound equipment (including PA system, sound mixing desk and microphones)

- Provision of live video editing and transmission equipment

- use of bandwidth for transmission of broadcast onto the internet (primarily through YouTube)

- The requirement for a second moving camera rather than a static camera will require a third technician will incur a cost of £150+VAT


  • PA System Hire: £350 +VAT (inclusion of staging with a reduced price of £150 for a total of £500+VAT)

Based on: Provision of PA system (speakers, cabling, microphones, mixing desk), one AV technician, delivery, set up, operation and removal.

Price is based on a location in the North East (Maximum one-hour travel from Darlington) for an event lasting no longer than three hours and starts no earlier than 8am and finishes no later than 7pm.  Events outside of these times and a longer length will incur additional costs.

Staging - Available to hire at £200+VAT

  • Animations –Based on £60+VAT per hour of studio time, each project will be individually-priced based on project specifications.  Once specification has been agreed, an indicative price can be produced.


NOTE: for small firms in Durham, Tyne & Wear & Northumberland

The North East Business Support Fund: ​Recognition PR is a Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund. NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helps businesses improve their competitiveness. Find out more at  


Applications can be sent to                   




As far as publication matters are concerned we will issue media releases and internet posts in the name of the relevant organisation/individual after approval.  The organisation is the publisher and information must be true an accurate.  It will indemnify us if we suffer loss or damage arising out of the content of any material we issue with approval.  We regard all matters that are not for publication as confidential and our staff have confidentiality clauses in their contracts of employment. For crisis management we need to know the full facts in order to assist properly. Nothing will be sent to the media by us that is not approved. We also reserve the right not to defend in cases where unethical or illegal behaviour is not repudiated. Social media posts that promote the supply or transfer of goods, services, opportunities or gifts or a direct solicitation of donations must comply with the ASA code, final responsibility for the accuracy of posts rests with the client.


It is understood that Recognition will choose press photographers and internal and freelance TV crews based on the appropriate skills and quality for the task.  Unless a separate agreement is reached, copyright for photographs taken by Recognition’s retained photographers and video taken by our TV crews is passed to the client but please note other photographers maintain the copyright for their work.  Any printing and design work will be quoted to before it is booked and permission will be sought before ordering other items. Video storyboards are approved by clients before shooting and one edit session is included in the price. It is also understood that clients will not directly engage our staff or contractors and that, unless otherwise agreed, we will be the only PR consultancy representing them to the media.


Some clients require an out-of-hours contact person in case of emergency; sadly this is a frequent occurrence.  We have set up a rota system, which will ensure someone is available to deal with matters after 5.30pm weekdays and throughout the weekend.  We reserve the right to charge our prevailing “crisis management” rate for this service and the right not to represent businesses in which a serious ethical failing could contaminate our own reputation.