Recognition PR promotes and defends the products services and people of our clients using a variety of below the line techniques and platforms including - earned media coverage, events, networking, thought leadership, and social media.

We don’t involve ourselves in expensive ‘above the line’ advertising campaigns.

Every week our staff will talk to each of our clients to give ideas and get instructions, we then transmit their positive narratives via wide variety of different media, trade media, social media, and bespoke communications platforms. We also organise events and plug our clients into the business networks that are appropriate for them.

Maintaining first class relations with the media is essential to success in our field. We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the UK media - including business, consumer, trade and financial publications as well as regional and national press - and we use a unique 'shadow newsroom' concept to present our clients' plans, announcements and news stories to them. Our consultants are highly skilled in tailoring stories and messages to maximise media interest and also appreciate the subtle differences involved in preparing material aimed at television, radio and new media. We are able to secure slots on national and regional news bulletins as well as in magazines, business publications, and lifestyle and reality programmes, resulting in a strong and healthy profile for our clients.

VIDEO: We see video as an integral part of PR activity. It stimulates social media responses and encourages media web sites to cover stories. For many retained clients our videos are included in the price - on a fair use basis.

For other clients our pricing formula is based on time spent shooting and editing. As a guide we will charge £300 plus VAT for a simple video shot in one location over a period of no more than one hour and then edited with one client amendment. For multi-site shoots we start at £500 plus VAT, then £250 for each half day or part thereof after the initial £500, estimates of time taken to shoot, travel and edit will be provided.

If a chargeable video is cancelled with less than three days notice a 40% cancellation fee will apply.


Recognition PR is now offering a live-streaming video service to give organisations the ability to publicise their events on social media in real time.

Our investment in professional-quality, live-streaming technology, which allows videos to be broadcast on outlets including Facebook and YouTube utilising multiple cameras, with professional graphics and real-time AV mixing, adds another capability to Recognition’s full-time, in-house video service.

This builds on the company’s reputation as an innovator in the  communications industry, having been the first agency in the north to develop an in-house video service and introduce a broadband-based business TV network in 2006.

Daily, more than 100 million hours of Facebook video are watched, while it is estimated more than 650 million are watched on YouTube. According to Facebook’s own figures, people watch videos on its site for three times longer when they are being broadcast live.

An essential technical requirement for live streaming is a resilient upload capability via the broadband connection at the location. Recognition cannot be held responsible for buffering or streaming interruption that results from unstable broadband.

The platform that is used for streaming will often belong to the client organisation, if they do not have one, Recognition’s platforms can be used and the links distributed by the client. Using a client platform will involve receiving the user name and passwords required to access the platform, these will not be reused by Recognition after the stream has taken place and will not be passed to any third parties.

The cost of the live streaming service is based on a number of variables: the number of cameras and staff needed, time of day, access for technical tests, pre-production work on items such as graphics, and length of the event to be streamed. The objective is to deliver the service in the low to mid hundreds of pounds.


INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE: Some smaller business want to try PR before they engage properly. We have an introductory package which is offered on a discretionary basis, it can only be used once. For £1500 including VAT, Recognition will deliver a small scale PR initiative over three months, including a photo or video. The package is paid for on credit card with 50% upfront and 50% at the end of three months. 


NOTE: for small firms in Durham, Tyne & Wear & Northumberland

The North East Business Support Fund: ​Recognition PR is a Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund. NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helps businesses improve their competitiveness. Find out more at 

Applications can be sent to              


Disclaimer: As far as publication matters are concerned we will issue media releases and internet posts in the
name of the relevant organisation/individual after approval. The organisation is the publisher. It will
indemnify us if we suffer loss or damage arising out of the content of any material we issue with
approval. We regard all matters that are not for publication as confidential and our staff have
confidentiality clauses in their contracts of employment. For crisis management we need to know the
full facts in order to assist properly. Nothing will be sent to the media by us that is not approved.
It is understood that Recognition will choose press photographers and freelance TV crews based on
the appropriate skills and quality for the task. Unless a separate agreement is reached copyright for
photographs taken by Recognition’s retained photographer and video taken by TV crews is passed to
the client but please note other photographers maintain the copyright for their work. Any printing and
design work will be quoted to before it is booked and permission will be sought before ordering other
items. Video storyboards are approved by clients before shooting and one edit session is included in
the price. It is also understood that clients will not directly engage our staff or contractors and that,
unless otherwise agreed, we will be the only PR consultancy representing them to the media.
Some clients require an out-of-hours contact person in case of emergency, sadly this is a frequent
occurrence. We have set up a rota system, which will ensure someone is available to deal with
matters after 5.30pm weekdays and throughout the weekend. We reserve the right to charge our
prevailing “crisis management” rate for this service.