Graham Robb

Graham is one of the North’s most ‘plugged-in’ business figures.

<h2>About Graham</h2>

About Graham

Graham is one of the North’s most ‘plugged-in’ business figures. He was vice-chair of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, is a board member of the Tees Valley LEP, a board member of the South Tees Development Corporation and served a three year term as Chairman of the Institute of Directors in the North. Graham owns a number of influential networking products in the Northern Region including the two Shadow MPCs in Yorkshire and the North East and the large and dynamic North East and Yorkshire Business Network - in excess of 11,000 members.

Opinion formers, decision makers and business leaders listen to Graham. His advice has often helped organisations to enhance the reputation of their products, services or people and, in many instances, offset issues presented in hostile media situations and engaged in successful damage limitation.

Graham also frequently features in the media, with contributions on radio and TV and regular columns and opinion pieces in newspapers.

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