Terms & Conditions

As far as publication matters are concerned we will issue media releases and internet posts in the name of the relevant organisation/individual after approval. The organisation is the publisher and information must be true an accurate. It will indemnify us if we suffer loss or damage arising out of the content of any material we issue with approval. We regard all matters that are not for publication as confidential and our staff have confidentiality clauses in their contracts of employment. For crisis management we need to know the full facts in order to assist properly. Nothing will be sent to the media by us that is not approved. We also reserve the right not to defend in cases where unethical or illegal behaviour is not repudiated. Social media posts that promote the supply or transfer of goods, services, opportunities or gifts or a direct solicitation of donations must comply with the ASA code, final responsibility for the accuracy of posts rests with the client.

It is understood that Recognition will choose press photographers and internal and freelance TV crews based on the appropriate skills and quality for the task. Unless a separate agreement is reached, copyright for photographs taken by Recognition’s retained photographers and video taken by our TV crews is passed to the client but please note other photographers maintain the copyright for their work. Any printing and design work will be quoted to before it is booked and permission will be sought before ordering other items. Video storyboards are approved by clients before shooting and one edit session is included in the price. It is also understood that clients will not directly engage our staff or contractors and that, unless otherwise agreed, we will be the only PR consultancy representing them to the media.

Some clients require an out-of-hours contact person in case of emergency; sadly this is a frequent occurrence. We have set up a rota system, which will ensure someone is available to deal with matters after 5.30pm weekdays and throughout the weekend. We reserve the right to charge our prevailing “crisis management” rate for this service and the right not to represent businesses in which a serious ethical failing could contaminate our own reputation.